Layla’s week at Neat!

Layla’s week at Neat!

Hi, I’m Layla and I have come to the end of my week of work experience at Neat PR! Neat was an excellent place to gain experience as I am hoping to pursue a career in a field that involves tech and art and Neat has made me understand the importance of social media.

Everyone was so helpful, positive and motivated! The environment was welcoming and trustworthy. I was made to feel a part of the team and able to join in with whatever was going on.

The team at Neat are a lovely group of people who really care for your needs. Thanks for having me!


Meet the Ne(w)at team!

Meet the Ne(w)at team!

We are very excited to introduce you to the newest members of the Neat PR team!

Keep reading for some fun facts about Michelle, Emma and Rhiannon…

Drum roll please…

Introducing Michelle!

  • Before joining Neat PR, Michelle spent 10 years working for the banking industry where she helped communicate the launch of major new payment systems – like mobile banking and contactless
  • Michelle also worked as a Senior Communications Manager at NSPCC, helping parents to keep their kids safe online

Some of Michelle’s most memorable PR moments include:

  • Watching the BBC update their rolling credits when they received her team’s press release about whether cheques would be discontinued
  • Being a broadcast spokesperson for the banking industry on TV, on Sky News and BBC News
  • Launching the NSPCC’s Net Aware app, made for parents to better understand what kids do online and how they can help keep them safe

Michelle studied French and International Studies at the University of Birmingham

  • Michelle has lived in Paris and Lyon! (Bonjour!)

What Michelle loves about Neat PR:

  • The high energy of the team
  • The amazing range of clients
  • The endless communications opportunities

Michelle’s hobbies include:

  • Swimming and relaxing with friends 
  • Spending time with her three little girls and husband

Michelle’s top tip for working in PR: always be helpful, pleasant and truthful!



Introducing Emma!

  • Emma studied History at the University of Nottingham
  • She completed a Market Research Internship in Shanghai just before joining Neat PR, where she gained an insight into the China market and different consumer needs in China

Emma’s most memorable experiences in China:

  • Climbing and camping on the unrestored section of the Great Wall
  • Working in a new and exciting work environment and interacting with new people

Why Emma wants to work in PR:

  • She completed a number of different work placements in Marketing and PR where she learnt about the importance of reputation management, social media and sound communication
  • She was excited about the opportunity to use the skills that she gained in her degree and transfer them to the PR world, including research, writing and communication skills
  • Emma loves being creative and using her wit and imagination to write alerts and press releases

What Emma loves about Neat PR:

  • There is nothing quite like the team collaboration – everyone is fun, friendly and helpful
  • Working with amazing journalists, influencers and products
  • No one day is the same!

Emma’s hobbies include:

  • Learning to speak Spanish
  • Exploring the world
  • Going to the theatre

Emma’s top tip for starting out in PR: gain experience to see if it suits you!



Introducing Rhiannon!

  • Rhiannon studied Psychology at the University of Leeds

So why PR?

  • She loves learning about people and the way they behave
  • She completed an internship in fashion PR before joining Neat PR and loved it! She is now ready to enter the world of retail PR

Some of Rhiannon’s most memorable PR moments include:

  • Assisting on a Spring/ Summer shoot and writing copy for items on the website
  • Another memorable moment was helping organise a Halloween event which involved many A list celebrities and press

What Rhiannon loves about Neat PR:

  • The people and the community
  • The team spirit where everyone helps each other

Rhiannon’s hobbies include:

  • Playing sports
  • Watching football
  • Shopping!

Rhiannon’s top tip for starting out in PR: be friendly, believe in yourself and don’t give up!


Highlight(s) Of The Week!

Highlight(s) Of The Week!

Over the past two weeks, Neat PR has ROCKED the PR world.

One highlight of the week is not enough, so we’ve included two week’s worth of achievements that we are VERY proud of…


First of all, with Christmas on the horizon and National Christmas Jumper Day coming up we’re all scouring the web in search of the perfect attire. Head over to the Mirror Online for a list of The Best Christmas Jumpers of 2018 featuring a stylish Spitfire jumper from Imperial War Museums shop!


Next on the list is an amaaaaazing piece of press – Muddy Puddles’ Scampsuit voted Indy Best! 


Another brilliant piece of coverage on the Mail Online – the Tractor Ted bed! 


And last but not least, an excellent piece on BBC online about Museum Shop Sunday!

Stylist Live ’18

Stylist Live ’18

This weekend we headed off to the Kensington Olympia for Stylist Live and it was fabulous with a capital F!

An exciting whirr of beauty, fashion and food, under the light and airy curved glass ceiling of the Olympia, we were wowed and woo’d by neon signs, pink gin and mac ‘n’ cheese.


Exploring this colourful maze of Fashion and Beauty brands showcasing their exciting products from shower bombs to feminist phone cases, our eyes were definitely open wide.

Free make-overs and massages? yes please.


We made our way from stall to stall looking at the gorgeous merchandise these great brands had to offer, then made our way up the stairs to a promenade of delicious treats and a lot of sweet freebies.

Surrounded by fashion aficionado’s and beauty experts, with Stylist’s iconic covers from over the years suspended high above us, we were in a sensory style hub, and it was marvellous!

Highlight Of The Week!

Highlight Of The Week!

This week has been a tough but productive one #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

With Remembrance this weekend and Christmas on the horizon, we have kept the little people in our brains running!

This week’s highlight of the week is our newest team member Emma!

With her funky boots that jingle as she walks and her weekly motivational emails that we look forward to every week, she has come in and taken Neat PR by storm!

This week she has been non stop trying to get that coverage for the Association of Cultural Enterprises Museum Shop Sunday.

And all her hard work definitely paid off!






A witch, a pumpkin and Minnie Mouse walk into a bar…

(a line taken from Emma’s weekly motivational email to the team)

Yesterday was Halloween!

And here at Neat PR we certainly had a (monster’s) ball!

And no – we didn’t go trick or treating or apple bobbing (as suggested by Toby) in our lunch break.

But thanks to Pumpkin Queen Hilary, we had a table full of ghoulish goodies to keep us going through our busy day securing some spooktacular coverage!


Hope everyone had a fangtastic Halloween!

Hilary Clinton Knits! Kind of…

Hilary Clinton Knits! Kind of…

I’ve been duped, I thought I was going up ‘norf with a power-suited Hillary Clinton, but alas, I was spending the day with Neat PR’s First Lady, Hilary (with one less ‘l’ than the Democrat!) and her very cool customised Stan Smiths-easy mistake to make Mr Starbucks guy!

Leaving the stunning concourse and hustle and bustle of Kings Cross for the rolling hills of Yorkshire to catch up with the lovely Wool Couture gang-two worlds within hours of each other-armed with our usual bag of food goodies enough to feed us and the rest of the carriage, we were on our way.

Two hours on, my usual train WiFi woes and a lots of work later we arrive in Wakefield Westgate, jump in a taxi and off we go for our first visit to Wool Couture’s fabulous new home…in an old converted pub (beer not served…yet!).

The taxi pulled up (and yes, we might have got slightly lost en route, but who cares-we were too busy enjoying the countryside on this beautiful autumnal day) and wow! We had seen pictures, written copy about the new shop and know the products, but our expectations were far surpassed. The second we stepped through the double doors of Wool Couture into an Aladdin’s cave of epic multicoloured yarn, spectacular macrame hangings and gorgeous Christmas decs to send you into mild panic that the festive season isn’t far off – we had both fallen in love.

We toured the workshop and met Rob the maestro and master of giant wooden tools, were welcomed by lovely Ali (Wool Couture co-founder and Director of Ops), we got a lesson in photography and acted as (not very good!) models for the fabulously cheerful Amy, and to top it all off, we learnt to knit!! Well that’s not entirely true…but give us a week or so and we’ll be talking the lingo with the rest of the knitting community.
The ever so calm and patient creative behind the products, Claire (master crafter and co-founder of Wool Couture) got us started-casting the yarn on the knitting needles (not entirely sure how you bind off at the end, but we’ll worry about that at a later stage!!!). And woe betide anyone who doubts our new found skill!  Rest assured, Hilary and I are on a mission to complete our task-me a stunning denim-coloured chunky scarf and Hilary, a poncho in her favourite statement colour- purple!

Time was too short, before we knew it we were packing our balls of giant yarn and over-sized knitting needles up and saying our goodbyes.

But don’t worry, we’ve definitely got the bug! We’ll be back soon for a lesson in how to make that macrame deckchair for the summer, a gorgeously chunky lulu blanket for our homes, and who knows, maybe we’ll get Rob to give us a lesson in wood turning and shaping!

Thank you Wool Couture for a fabulous day-we had a blast!

And, as the sign above the new workshop says: ‘Welcome To Our World Of Wool Imagination!’

We really were made to feel very welcome-and what imagination! It really is a happy place-check it out!
By Amanda x