Gadget Speak

Gadget Speak


While it might seem like an expletive a Stickem is a nice way of ridding your phones screen of greasy fingermarks and smudges. I am sure most use a shirt sleeve and sooner or later they use the shirt button and the screen never fully recovers.

As the name implies the Stickem adheres to the back of your phone and you remove it and use the reverse side to remove the grime from the screen. I was sent the largest size 9x5cm and these come with humorous logos. Mine was ‘Sod Calm and Get Angry’ a take off of the recently rediscovered wartime ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. There are others as well.

The smallest are circular at 3cm, the middle size are rectangular at close to 4x3cm and both of these have cartoon like images.

I have been using my ‘Sod Calm and Get Angry’ on the back of several phones since just after the Gadget Show around two months ago and while I tend to be quite careful all the screens still look bright and clean, the logo on the back has raised more than the occasional remark so maybe choose yours with care to suit your environment.

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