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Silver Cross, the number one British nursery brand used by Royalty and celebrities alike are delighted to announce the opening of their first ever stand alone store in Hong Kong.

Silver Cross have been making great progress in selling their designer and heritage nursery line in the Pacific market over the last few years. They saw sales increase by 47% in Asia alone from 2010 to 2011 with major growth achieved in South Korea and China.

Alan Halsall, Chairman of Silver Cross said “We chose Hong Kong to launch our first ever Flagship store as it is a major city in Asia that not only has a hugely successful indigenous population but also benefits from a large influx of visitors who trust what Hong Kong has to offer and love to see great British brands.”

“The new Hong Kong store will be an opportunity to support our strengthening brand identity and awareness in the rapidly growing Asian market.”

The store opening in October 2012 will be in the prestigious Ocean Terminal Shopping Mall in the centre of Hong Kong.  The shopping centre already has an existing strong presence of specialist children’s designer brands such as Dior, Burberry, Gucci and Ralph Lauren for children.

Alan Halsall further said “We are hoping to achieve a major presence in Asia and by opening this stand alone store we see it as a way of showing our brand identity off to local consumers.  Silver Cross is a British privately owned company, and we hope to open other flagship stores in major cities across the Asia region to support the brand.”

With the success of UK retail partners, Mothercare, John Lewis, Babies R Us and some fantastic Independent stores, Silver Cross do not intend to open any stand alone stores in the UK.

Due to the strength of British goodwill in Asia one of the key Silver Cross products the store will be showcasing is the Silver Cross Zest Britannia

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