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Be your own Bond with a Science Museum Spy Pen

The latest James Bond film, Skyfall, opens at cinemas on 26 October. But why should 007 have all the espionage-based fun?

Get yourself along to the Science Museum shop, and you can do your own bit for the well-being of the nation (cough) with this miniature camera, disguised as a fully working pen.

“If you need a spy camera that’s body mounted, there’s nothing easier or more discreet than just putting this pen camcorder in a shirt pocket for a full view of everything you see in front of you,” says Triple M (that’s short for ‘museum marketing manager’). “Just clip it to your pocket and walk around somewhere that you want to film, or leave it in place to record a face-to-face conversation.”

The Spy Pen (£50) has 2GB of internal memory and will store up to 15 hours of video footage (640 by 480 pixels – according to our intelligence reports) while recording audio as a 128kbps PCM file. A concealed USB connector enables you to recharge the device and transfer files to a laptop. And – yes! – you can actually use it for writing letters to megalomaniac villains too. Basildon Bond meets James Bond in one gadget, you could say.

“If you’re in a tight spot or time is crucial, you could have a covert recording made, then attached to an email or uploaded to the internet within minutes,” advises our Top Level Briefing Dossier. Which we have subsequently shredded for security purposes.

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