Love Food. Top English Tea Producers

Love Food. Top English Tea Producers

Web Rose BudsHave you seen Silver Lantern Tea featured on Love Food, top English tea producers?

Silver Lantern encourages you to ‘make your own tea blend’ with a variety of their loose leaf teas. ‘For instance,’ they say, ‘if you love a strong, malty breakfast tea, why not create your own blend with extra Assam?’ They have a whole host of suggested blend recipes online (just mix a teaspoon of that with a teaspoon of this, then brew in a ‘tea ball infuser’), and ashop too where you can buy everything from ceylon to jasmine pearls, oolong, silver needles, yunnan green and gunpowder – all sold as loose leaf teas.

Silver Lantern is all about taking the time to really appreciate tea. ‘There’s nothing quite like watching those beautifully big tea leaves unfurl as the hot water envelops them,’ they say, and we couldn’t agree more. As a starting point, our favourite blend so far has to be their ‘afternoon’ blend – one teaspoon of assam, another of ceylon, and one more of darjeeling makes one of the best brews we’ve ever had.

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