Stylist give a huge thumbs up to Museum doll

Stylist give a huge thumbs up to Museum doll

Did you hear the exciting news about this year’s Toy Of The Year awards 2017? Our very own Lottie Dolls from the Natural History Museum shop  are finalists!

Stylist online wrote a fabulous article on the revolutionary doll. Having previously won awards for her positive body image, Lottie is the doll of today and tomorrow. Whether it be a palaeontologist, stargazer or butterfly protector, Lottie encourages young girls to get involved in these stereotypically male dominated scientific careers. Each doll comes with information regarding her specific career and successful women within that field.

Stargazer Lottie is a finalist in the ‘Best Doll’ category. She was designed in collaboration with the European Space Agency and loves nothing more than learning about the planets and constellations that fill the skies.

Fossil Hunter Lottie is a finalist in the ‘Best Action Figure’ category and cannot wait to make her own scientific discovery. Created with help from Trowel Blazers this Lottie doll is adventurous and smart.

What do you think about Lottie?