Flying Tiger’s Christmas Giving

Flying Tiger’s Christmas Giving

Meeting the family liason nurses from St Mary’s hospital last week was a humbling experience. An amazing group of ladies whose approach to life is positive and bright in everything they do.


They talked about uplifting children’s days whilst they were waiting for scans, bringing colour and fun to waiting rooms that haven’t been designed with children in mind and just concentrating on a positive approach to everything they do.

From acute to critically ill, their work differs daily, but always supports the children and helping them deal with the challenges that often lie ahead.

A recent burglary saw thousands of pounds worth of Christmas gifts being taken from the children at St Mary’s hospital, a terrible situation.  I was honored to be able to welcome them to Flying Tiger on Oxford Street on Friday with our client, where the generosity of the owner, Philp Bier allowed them to replace stolen gifts.  The team were so grateful and excited and chose the replacement gifts with care, considering the needs of each child. As I watched them talk about the children in their care, their faces lit up and I could see how much their job mattered.

It is rare that we have time to reflect on the world around us and actually stop and think. This was one of those moments for me to consider that we shouldn’t always take everything for granted. It isn’t always all about the end result but taking time to stop and reflect.

A big thank you to our client and MD of Flying Tiger, Philip Bier who generously donated gifts to replace those stolen from St Mary’s hospital

By Hilary, Director Neat PR