Get with the “Times” – Natura Siberica

Get with the “Times” – Natura Siberica

January’s certainly hit North London with an icy blast.

The ground outside of the office has been covered in what seems to be a perpetual frost every  morning this week. Our cars are frosty and sometimes we have to send out a search party for the poor souls walking up from the station.

While it’s chilly outside, we’ve created a haven of warmth inside the office. In addition to two space heaters, all six radiators are constantly set to “high”. We’ve luckily staved off hypothermia, but our skins’ paying the price in these extremes.

In these dark days of dry skin, chapped lips and burnt fingertips (that teapot’s hot, you know), we turn to our favourite skincare brand for help. Made out of natural, wild herbs from the Siberian region of Russia, Natura Siberica‘s organic products offer a range of health and beauty benefits thanks to the high quantities of nutrients they’re able to preserve. Sounds luxurious and expensive, right? Enter our favourite part of Natura – It’s affordable!

We can’t get enough of it, but don’t just take our word – even The Times agrees! A glowing review in yesterday’s paper of the Nourishing and Protective Shampoo found the formula “instantly moisturises and strengthens hair, leaving it manageable and soft” at “cheap as chips prices”.

Luxury creams, organic boosts, healthy skin and budget friendly prices? We couldn’t ask for more!

Check out all of Natura Siberica’s products (including a range for little ones and men!) at

Natura Siberica review in The Times (19.01.17)