The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

Our work day started earlier than usual this morning – by 8am we were set up in the (surprisingly) cosy underbelly of the British Museum with hot coffee, danishes and other PRs galore.

We learned loads from the Gorkana-hosted breakfast briefing with Time Out London (read up on the fun with #CisionmeetsTimeOut). Just an hour long, two members of their staff gave the packed room valuable insight into the Tuesday tube phenomenon. From Christmas in July pitching preferences, new feature look-outs, and favourite to cover subjects (gin and cheese, of course) all talk pointed home to their essential selling point – Time Out’s distinctive and relatable tone of voice. They’re a magazine for all Londoners looking to experience London, and that identity fuels their flame.

Granted, as Time Out junkies ourselves, that revelation only reinforced our love for the weekly (not going to say we’ve made an extra trip to the tube specifically for the handout on a Tuesday before, but we definitely have). Nonetheless, having the opportunity to sit face to a hundred faces with publications we speak to on a daily basis is only ever a plus for communications. In media, a field that changes quicker than our Spotify playlist on a Friday, we’re massive believers that the only way to keep up with the times is direct chat. That way, we’re both benefiting from this wordy symbiotic relationship for the sake of our primary audience, the UK readership.


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