Under the Big, Blue Sea

Under the Big, Blue Sea

Whale, hello there, Hope! The skeleton of a blue whale, affectionately dubbed “Hope”, was officially unveiled last Thursday in its new home, the Natural History Museum’s Hintze Hall.

To celebrate this exciting attraction, the Natural History Museum shop has released a brand new, under-the-sea inspired collection, bringing a nautical splash to homes this summer. The collection ranges from kitchenware to fashionable accessories, ensuring there’s something for every big blue sea lover.

Originally stranded in Wexford Harbour, Ireland in 1891, this 4.5-tonne whale skeleton has been on display in the Museum’s Mammals Gallery since 1938. Now, shown in the divine lunging feeding position, her name was chosen to represent hope for a sustainable future.

Explore the new collection today at http://www.nhmshop.co.uk/.


Did you know?

The blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) feeds almost entirely on small crustaceans called krill. Incredibly, it can eat up to four tonnes of krill each day, so much so that it turns the whale’s poo red.