Two weeks at Neat: My work-experience journey

Two weeks at Neat: My work-experience journey


I’m Shivani & I’ve just come to the end of my fabulous 2 weeks of work experience at Neat PR. From studying business/marketing at university and being someone who grew up within the digital age, I always knew that I enjoyed learning about the power of social media & advertising. However, it’s only after getting the chance to do work experience at Neat that I actually understand the extent of what PR entails. My two weeks here have been both exciting and educational; from helping to write press releases to updating blogger information or reaching out to journalists – and, not to mention, enjoying a lot of sweets – I was able to see how busy yet enjoyable the life of a PR agency could be.

I have absolutely loved my time here and I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone at Neat PR for being so warm and welcoming and giving me this opportunity.

-Shivani ?