Keep Hold of Precious Moments Forever

Keep Hold of Precious Moments Forever

Have you ever tried cleaning out your closet (finally) only to find piles of old clothes that you just can’t bear to part with, at which point you merely refolded everything to make it look slightly nicer, put it all back in the exact same place, and closed the door?

No? Just us?

Well, ask any parent what they did with their children’s old baby grows or any mum where their wedding dress is, and chances are you’ll hear “in the attic, gathering dust” more than once. Let’s face it- we all have storage boxes filled to the brim with memorable clothes that we mean to do something with someday, and never get around to.

Well look no further because someday has finally arrived. We’re so excited to introduce our newest client, a brand with keepsakes in mind, LoveKeepCreate.

LoveKeepCreate takes your most cherished fabrics like your baby’s first outfit and turns them into beautiful keepsake items so that you can have a little piece of your baby’s childhood to keep with you always.

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So how does it work? Three easy steps and within a few short weeks, your chosen keepsake will be in your arms.

To get started, choose your favourite fabric or clothing to transform. Then, pick one of the many adorable keepsake ideas on the LoveKeepCreate website, ranging from cuddly animal designs to patchwork memory quilts.

Finally, pop your fabric in the post to the ‘memory-makers’ who will work their magic and create a precious keepsake that you’ll have to hold and cherish forever. It’s as easy as that!

These keepsakes make for unique gifts with a personal, hand-made touch. And what a fun way to up-cycle old clothes, worn-out baby grows and sentimental pieces that you can have on display instead of tucking them away in a storage box. With Mother’s Day coming, what more could you want?

Started in 2011 by Rachel and Merry who met in the Army, LoveKeepCreate has expanded into the heart-warming keepsake company it is today and they have also just introduced a wonderful range of organic clothing to keep little ones comfortable and stylish all day long.

Cloud Leggings (2) £17.50 - ages 0 - 24 months -

From thoughtful keepsakes to seriously snuggly outfits for your little ones, find a gift for everyone at LoveKeepCreate.