My time at Neat PR – Meryll

My time at Neat PR – Meryll

Having taken a career break of almost twenty years to raise my two sons, who will shortly be off to university, I thought it was high time to rethink how I spend my days.

With that in mind, I looked into returning to the industry that I was part of almost 20 years ago-PR. With a background in media technology PR, I wanted to get my skills back up to scratch with an internship.

I was delighted and honoured when Neat PR welcomed me with open arms.

What better way to remind myself of the enjoyment of writing press releases and getting some articles in the media than by working in this lively and efficient retail PR agency.

After surviving from a long sweaty train journey, I am proud of my days and achievement.

The biggest benefit has been to realise my own worth and that I still have something to offer society and also to accept that I have to update my computer skills and knowledge of social media in order to be at my best.

I am very grateful to the devoted and caring team at Neat PR for giving me this great opportunity.

To anyone out there thinking of returning to work, don’t be afraid to dip your toe in. Feeling that I am a valued member of the workplace is amazing.