A Day Out to the Royal Opera House

A Day Out to the Royal Opera House

Last Monday, we were very kindly invited to the Royal Opera House to take part in a backstage tour and to see the Opera.

To begin the afternoon, we were taken on a backstage tour of the Royal Opera House. We were first taken into the beautiful auditorium where all of the main performances are. We learnt all about the history of the famous Royal Opera House, and got to see the very impressive (and huge!) backstage. As we sat in the stalls, we saw the backstage crew dismantling the set for La Traviata – the work that goes into setting up each performance is beyond amazing.

Our next stop was behind the scenes into the costume department, where all the absolutely stunning costumes are made and stored for every performance. Our favourite costume was most definitely the tutus – the attention to detail and designs are exquisite… and we weren’t surprised after being told that each tutu takes 8 weeks to make!

From there, we came to one of the ballet rehearsal rooms. We were really lucky to see two dancers in rehearsal for their performance – this was amazing to see so close up! Outside of the room were all of the various types of ballet shoes and we got an understanding of what each one was used for.

In-between the backstage tour and the Opera, we met up with the lovely team at the Royal Opera House and discussed many exciting plans for the year ahead!

To end the day, we got to go and see the famous La bohème. With half of us having not seen the opera before, we really did not know what to expect, but we were amazed and absolutely loved it! The acoustics in the room were incredible. A fun fact for you… there are no speakers in the room, which means not one of the performers or orchestra wears a microphone!


If you haven’t been to the Royal Opera House before and you just so happen to be in the Covent Garden area, we urge you to go and visit! Not only is the building amazing, but the performances, restaurants and the shop are all fabulous too!