Introducing ReChic

Introducing ReChic

We are proud to introduce our fabulous new client, ReChic – the UK’s one stop shop for recycled interiors.

For fabulous furnishings that are also kind to the planet, look no further than ReChic, exclusively selling homeware containing recycled materials.

From beautiful bowls and soft knitted throws made from recycled bottles, to stunning sustainable pendant lights and high-spec pots and pans made from scrap metal, ReChic enables guilt-free interior styling by offering a whole website full of eco-conscious, on-trend products.

Giving waste materials a new life as striking pieces of furniture and accessories, whilst at the same time reducing landfill is at the heart of the ReChic concept.

Sourced from like-minded retail partners, ReChic is actively encouraging us to be part of a circular economy, to ensure a better quality of life for our children and grandchildren, without compromising the present.

We’re so excited to have ReChic on board and are more than ready for all the amazing coverage that the future holds! Watch this space…