Neat PR – My Safe Haven

Neat PR – My Safe Haven

2019 was, to be fair, a mad year for most of us, and (so far) the new decade doesn’t seem to be any easier! Taking on a house renovation with a new baby seemed like a good idea BEFORE she arrived (“Oh I’ll have loads of time to sort everything whilst I’m on maternity leave…”) and with two boisterous boys keeping me on my toes, coming back to work has been my ‘normal’ amidst the madness.

For three days a week, I leave my nappy bag at home and skip off to the office, to sit in a fun, creative and collaborative environment, where we celebrate success and talk each other through the anxiety of Covid-19! It’s a far cry from home, where there’s mess everywhere, demands for snacks thrown at me every 2 minutes, and a teething baby going through calpol like there’s no national shortage!

Being employed somewhere that appreciates the demands on a working mum has huge benefits. When the nursery calls to pick up the baby because she’s become unwell, I know that I can make up my hours later in the week. If there’s a class assembly at school, I know I can swap my days around to be there cheering from the audience without the guilt that I should be at my desk.

Even during my ‘gap year’ (as my husband helpfully called it) it was amazing to keep connected with the team at Neat PR for the occasional meeting or presentation preparation. Don’t get me wrong, I loved having a newborn, and loved the time off during the summer months especially, pushing the pram in the park and being more present for my boys after school, but feeling included in important work events (an office move, pitches and, of course, the office Christmas party) gave me something extra. Something different to think about apart from nap routines and weaning. Something ‘grown up’ compared to rhyme time or another round of The Wheels On The Bus!!

Since my baby girl turned one, I’ve felt a sense of sadness that she’s no longer a tiny baby. She is certainly my last and as she passes big milestones and becomes more of a toddler, I worry about missing out whilst she’s not with me all day every day. But as soon as I sit down at my desk with a (hot!) coffee in the morning, as soon as I feel the buzz of a great piece of coverage or have an exciting chat with a client, I know that I want to be working at Neat PR.