The ‘New Normal’

The ‘New Normal’

This week it was my husband’s birthday, the strangest one he will have had to date as, like everyone else, we are in lockdown! Coronavirus has hit the world hard and fast; just a few weeks ago it was unimaginable that the world would come to a standstill, but it more or less has.

I was supposed to write a post on my new downtime – pottery, I will tell you a bit about that another time – it is for now, like everything else, on hold. Instead I am writing about the new normal for Neat PR.

A few days before lockdown was announced, we made the decision to close the Neat PR office and start working from home. As a team, we hold morning and afternoon video meetings and have taken the time to share experiences as well as ‘talk shop’. It has been nice to see Nicole & Amanda’s children on zoom, and we all loved watching Mimi (Nicole’s just 1 year old), stand up and take a few steps for almost the first time, hearing Katie’s dogs barking for attention every time someone passes the house and Amanda’s family pop in and out of the room! We have shared food stories, such as recipes, what we had for lunch, and what food deliveries we have managed to get for ourselves and our parents – some who are far away – and we’ve talked what we want to shop for online but are holding back – just for now! The next step is a shared drink on a Friday night just before the working day ends.

There are many moments that have been lost as well as found. From our team, a significant lost moment will be for Rhiannon who was running a half marathon in memory of her grandpa. She has impressively continued running – a new found skill – and Rhi, I know this is a big deal for you, but you have certainly made the effort. The time will come again and you will have that moment.

Video calling is the biggest new normal. Not only has it allowed us to stay connected as a team, but also has allowed me to get together with family at the end of a week and share experiences. On my husband’s birthday we had a drink with our friends… a little bit of laughter with those we love goes a long way! Our kids ‘go to parties’ and speak to their friends around the world on a more regular basis than ever before and we are connecting with people we may have lost touch with – a good thing!


As a country we have become a sharing and caring community of people who just a month ago would happily have stood together on a train minding our own business. I wonder what the new world will look like when we come out the other end.

Over and out for now, stay well and safe everyone. Look after those around you and especially those who are more vulnerable.